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This site is owned and operated by the distributor of Nilcor products within the UK

 CPI Pneumatics Ltd, Cursham Street, Sutton In Ashfiled Notts, NG17 5FD


Corrosion Resistant Valves


Automated Valves


We are able to offer actuation packages on the full range of NilCor ball and butterfly  and control valves with any manufacturer's  actuator  as required to suit the application and customer preferences.

CPI Pneumatics Ltd are also able to offer the worlds only composite valve actuator, as we have been awarded worldwide distribution for the ITS range of composite actuators.


Full documentation is available, including CAD drawings, test reports and maintenance manuals



 Automated Valves

Our experienced sales engineers will gladly assist in your selection of components to do the job you need done at a sensible price.


Typical Automated Ball Valve with:


Hytork Pneumatic Actuator

Limit Switches

Position Indicator

Solenoid Valve

















 Typical Automated Ball Valve with:


RCS Electric Actuator

Manual Override










Ball Valves 1/2" through 8"

Butterfly Valves 3" through 42"



Nil-Cor Modulating Control Valves

Nil-Cor ball and butterfly valves become excellent process control valves when properly equipped with today's modern positioners and accessories. Close tolerance couplings reduce deadband and low operating torque reduces hysteresis so that reliable, effective process control can be maintained. The inherent high capacity and high rangeability of Nil-Cor rotary designs lend themselves well to the generally mild control applications in the Chemical Process industries. In addition, the economics of using advanced composite material in highly corrosive applications in place of costly high alloy valves is compelling, to say the least.


Inherent linear or equal percentage trims are available for the ball valves while the modified equal percentage characteristic of the butterfly is ideal for high flow, low pressure drop applications. Reduced trims in both linear and equal percentage characteristics are available for the composite ball valve.


Proper valve sizing is required to obtain the best quality of control and long trim life. Nil-Cor has the experience and the expertise to steer you safely around the shoals of corrosion, cavitation and noise. Nil-Cor supplies complete documentation, from sizing calculations to specification sheets, with every Nil-Cor control valve.



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 Ceramic Lined Slurry Control Valves for a Flue Gas Desulphurization unit

Control valve including a pneumatic controller and pressure sensor mounted on the valve, for a power plant application.  .