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Corrosion Resistant Valves


Check Valves

                           Size Range: 1" - 6"


                                 Flanges: Compatible with ANSI CL150 and 125

                                                  DIN and JIS available


                                        Body: Glass or Graphite Reinforced Derakane  vinyl ester


                                          Ball: Virgin PTFE, solid


                                       Seats: Viton (other materials on request)


The Nil-Cor Advanced Composite Ball Check Valve joins the line-up of Ball and Butterfly valves to make an all-FRP piping system a reality. No more worries about supporting heavy alloy or lined ductile iron valves. And with total through-body corrosion protection, no more worries about failed liners and perforated bodies. Nil-Cor check valves are virtually unaffected by the harshest external environments including ultra-violet exposure.


Nil-Cor check valves have been designed to achieve strengths equivalent to metals with the inherent corrosion resistance of advanced polymer matrix composite materials. The exceptional valve body strength and operational integrity of Nil-Cor composite valves are achieved through both material properties and valve design. To give ruggedness and durability, the composite check valve has a body designed with heavier wall and flange thickness than metal or plastic valves. This engineered approach results in design factors similar to those practiced with metal valves and your assurance of absolute safety.


The ball check design has four internal ball guides molded right into the body. This delivers exceptionally secure ball support and smooth operation in even dirty fluids. As a bonus, this construction reduces the number of parts in the valve for simpler and less costly maintenance.


Viton seats and a solid PTFE ball combine to deliver bubble-tight shutoff and low reseating pressure drops. The valves may be installed in horizontal as well as vertical lines. A convenient raised cast-in arrow on the body shows the correct installation direction.