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Corrosion Resistant Valves


Flanged Ball Valves



Nil-Cor Flanged Ball Valves


Valve Design:

The valve body strength and operational integrity are achieved through both valve design and material properties. To give ruggedness and durability, the composite valve body is designed with heavier wall and flange thicknesses than metal or plastic valves.

All Nil-Cor valves offer exceptional internal and external corrosion resistance for extended valve life over metal and lined metal valves. Nil-Cor Advanced Composite Valves are resistant to more than 1000 standard chemical combinations.

Nil-Cor valves are 1/3 the weight of metal valves. This low weight saves money in piping supports and makes Nil-Cor Ball valves ideal for use on plastic and FRP flanged piping systems.

The balls in Nil-Cor ball valves are made from fibre-reinforced resin providing both strength for resistance to torsional actuation loads and lubricity to minimize actuation torque. The graphite reinforcement also reduces potential fouling since line media tend not to adhere to it, and the seals easily wipe clean further minimizing breakaway torque.




Materials of Construction:

The 410 and 510 Threaded-End Ball Valves are geometrically identical, but made with different resins. The 4l0 and 5l0 body, end caps, ball and Hastelloy "C" stem insert are molded in either the 410 or the 510 composite material. Both valves share the same graphite fibre-reinforced TFE stem thrust washer, self-relieving virgin TFE seats, Viton(R) stem and body O-rings, composite T-handle, and 300 series stainless steel body bolts, nuts and washers.



Corrosion Resistance

Ease of Maintenance

Low Operating Torque

Standard Lockout Provision

Viton(R) is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.