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Corrosion Resistant Valves

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Nil-Cor is the worlds largest supplier of High Technology industrial valves made from strong, light weight composite materials. Their graphite and fibreglass reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic resins are resistant to acids, caustics, bleaches and more than one thousand other industrial and waste treatment chemicals, at half the cost of traditional alloy valves. So, if you need strong, corrosion-resistant valves that are easy to own, easy to install and easy to operate, you've come to the right place.


Nil-Cor is the pioneer and world leader in the design, production and application of industrial valves made from Fibreglass and Graphite reinforced resins. First introduced in 1977, Nil-Cor Valves have steadily proven their worth in tough industrial applications once thought to be solely the province of steel or alloy valves. Today, as FRP piping systems and tanks challenge traditional thinking in corrosive fluid applications, Nil-Cor offers a full range of ball, butterfly and check valves to make an all-FRP system a reality.


The mission at Nil-Cor is uncomplicated: To contribute to the success of our customers by providing them with the most economical and useful products that consistently meet their corrosion resistant requirements. The production facility, certified to ISO 9001, is located in Alliance, Ohio, and distributed within the UK and Ireland by CPI Pneumatics Ltd.


Nil Cor Advanced composites are a family of high-performance materials consisting of a polymer matrix reinforced with a fibre. Nil-Cor Operations has pioneered the development of industrial products based on high strength, high stiffness, lightweight glass and graphite fibres in high performance plastic resins since 1966.


Graphite and glass fibre-reinforced plastics are revolutionizing aircraft, spacecraft and sporting goods products because of the exceptional performance improvements in weight, fatigue strength and durability. By combining these fibers with high performance plastics, corrosion resistance, durability and temperature resistance are achieved that far exceed commonly available plastics. The Nil-Cor series of valves have been designed to achieve strengths equivalent to metals with the inherent corrosion resistance of these advanced fibres and resins.


Nil-Cor offers a complete line of corrosion resistant, fibre-reinforced resin systems which provide resistance to over 1000 chemicals and chemical combinations. Nil-Cor materials also offer good abrasion resistance to suspended particles and mild slurries. Nil-Cor materials are unaffected by ultraviolet light.

Welcome to the world of corrosion resistance

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Over the last 28 years, Nil-Cor has accumulated an impressive list of "Firsts":


First composite ball valve (1977)

First ceramic lined composite valve (1982)

First composite characterized control ball valve (1982)

First composite butterfly valve (1983)

First composite valve to sail with the U.S. Navy (1989)

First epoxy composite valve (1993)

First composite ball check valve (1997)

First composite ball valve to receive PED certification (2002)

Vynil Ester and Glass Fibre

PPS and Glass Fibre

Vynil Ester and Graphite Fibre

Epoxy and Graphite Fibre

Polysulfone and Glass Fibre

Epoxy and Glass Fibre